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Maui Jim

See the world like you’ve never seen before.

Maui Jim - Sunny DaysMaui Jim believes that colour and light are the key to human experience. Inspired by the beauty and culture of Maui, their mission is to spread aloha through vivid colour, clarity and detail. For those who appreciate the sun, these provides more vibrant colours of the world while protecting your eyes from the harsh effects of glare and harmful UV rays. Maui Jim offers high performance polarised sunglasses that instantly cut all glare and offer richer, bolder colours and sharper vision.

The unique technology of Maui Jim is available in standard sunglasses and also in prescription lenses for both single vision distance and multifocal lens design. Maui Reader are an exclusive range that offers the convenience of a hidden bifocal positioned where you need it to optimise vision near and far.

Rosser Optometry is an authorised retailer of genuine Maui Jim presciption lenses. Ask our knowledgable staff if there is a lens solution available for you!


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