The Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento founded the company that bears his name in the 1950s, becoming famous throughout the world as the “Prince of Prints” for his bold and new designs, as well as his radical approach to fashion at the time. Taking inspiration from natural landscapes of the Mediterranean, architecture and exotic cultures, he created a unique and personal style characterized by kaleidoscopic prints that made an indelible impact.Today, these prints are updated each season in a faithful and contemporary way. Pucci’s creations, which are a mix of Italian exuberance and simple shapes, celebrate colour and an unconventional lifestyle.

Like an invitation to “La Dolce Vita” that has been a shining light since 1947, there are a sophisticated blend of hues and the distinctive traits of the brand’s style.Pucci’s colour combinations are immediately recognizable and represent energy and excitement while simultaneously maintaining a certain essential feel in terms of the styles of models and flowing dresses.The world of Pucci, synonym of luxury, colour, design and “joie de vivre”, stands out for its concept of the Italian lifestyle, ranging from beachwear to resort wear, to the worlds of art and design.

The Pucci eyewear collection, including sunglasses and optical frames, developed in collaboration with Marcolin since 2015, perfectly embody the aesthetic canons of the Florentine brand by celebrating its creative and avant-garde vision in an ongoing evolution. Cutting-edge design content, sophisticated production techniques and architecture are combined with attention to details and excellent craftsmanship, defining creations that conjure up elegance and femininity. The collections boast unparalleled charm and glamorous colors that express energy and emotions transcending the seasonal trends. Pucci sunglasses and glasses are addressed to a feminine woman, who loves a refined aesthetic and a luxury lifestyle where creativity and effortlessness walk together.