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Why are my glasses so expensive?

Why are my glasses so expensive?

‘Why are my glasses so expensive’ is a thought you may have after seeing some of our retail optical competitor’s marketing. At Rosser Optometry we aim to educate our patients on the difference in quality and craftmanship between the products that we sell and those available online or through retail optical outlets. We are unique from other providers in that we take a great deal of pride in our products and expertise.


The Value Equation

Value isn’t just about getting the lowest price!

“The bitterness of low quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten”

Purchasing frames that fall apart with normal use or poor quality lenses and coatings that may peel and smudge quickly is never good value no matter how cheap the purchase price was. Getting an inaccurate prescription or not having your glasses measured up properly to your individual measurements will give you inferior glasses that will adversely affect the quality of your vision and performance. In the long run these will need to be replaced on a more regular basis therefore it is really a false economy in the long run.

Why pay more for glasses?

At Rosser Optometry, we believe in delivering consistent quality. We select the best quality frames – they are made out of better materials, look better and feel better to wear. Our lenses are lighter, thinner and more durable and will provide better vision with superior lens surfacing and anti-reflective coatings. Our staff are trained to find the best glasses for you and ensure that they look good and fit precisely to optimise your vision and comfort. Our products are also more economical in the long run as they last longer, therefore delivering value for money.

Not all glasses are created equal!

Being independently owned means we focus on providing you the highest quality products for your money. We don’t sell inferior products at high mark-ups to maximise profits like retail optical outlets do. We are proud to offer you these industry leading guarantees, providing you with confidence and peace of mind in the quality of your chosen glasses.

Lifetime Service Guarantee – We offer a free service on any glasses purchased from us. We will professionally clean and adjust them to ensure the proper fit for vision and comfort.

2 year Frame Guarantee – We only use high quality frames that all come with a 2 year warranty. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and/or materials. If your frames fail within the 2 year period we will adjust, repair or replace your frames.*

Lens Guarantee – Your lenses are protected by a 3 month guarantee and a 12 month lens coating guarantee. If your prescription changes or a manufacturing fault is found within the guarantee period then we will replace your lenses free of charge.*

Once you get past the illusion of savings, you are actually paying more for inferior quality. It actually costs you more to replace cheap frames and lenses more often, than to buy good quality frames and lenses in the first place. In buying glasses, like most other purchases, you get what you pay for!

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