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Effects of technology on children’s eyes

These days technology rules but have you ever consider the effects of technology on children's eyes? We live in a world where using computers and digital devices is unavoidable and that is especially true for the younger generation of children and teenagers who use digital devices to learn, play and be entertained more so than any generation before. Throughout schools, and even some kindergartens, computers and ipads have been introduced as part of the curriculum. The main advantage of this…
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Digital Eye Strain: Our eyes have never worked so hard

Australians love digital media and we devote half of our waking hours interacting with digital media channels across multiple devices. It has changed the way we work, learn, shop, socialise and relax. However, our eyes are not accustomed to the digital environment with 65% of users likely to experience one or more symptoms of digital eye strain. We recommend innovative lenses specifically designed for digital media use to help relax and protect your eyes and keep them feeling fresh throughout…
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