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Spring is here….that means HAYFEVER!

Eye problems can be the most irritating symptom of hayfever. When pollen comes into contact with our eyes, they can become inflamed, itchy and watery. This can then obscure your vision and cause an enormous amount of discomfort.

How can I avoid hayfever?


  • Try to avoid or limit your exposure to the primary causes of your eye allergies.
  • Clean the house. Vacuum, dust and change your sheets and pillowcases on a regular basis. A pet may contribute to your problem – try to keep them off the bed or sofa during the peak pollen count season.
  • Protect your eyes from airborne allergens outdoors by wearing wraparound-style sunglasses.
  • Don’t rub your eyes if they itch! Eye rubbing releases more histamine and makes your allergy symptoms worse.
  • Cut down your contact lens wear or switch to daily disposable lenses to reduce the build-up of allergens on your lenses.
  • Shower before bedtime and gently clean your eyelids to remove any pollen that could cause irritation while you sleep.

What’s the best way to treat my hayfever eyes?

Talk to your optometrist, who can discuss with you treatment options. Antihistamine eye drops, lubricating artificial teardrops, anti-inflammatory eye drops used twice a day can help relieve your symptoms and/or oral antihistamines in tablets or capsule forms.

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