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Silhouette Rimless

Superior quality and comfort.

Silhouette has been making eyewear in Austria since 1964, and is the leader in rimless technology. They guarantee high quality and exquisite workmanship using the finest materials, ensuring that when it comes to comfort their eyewear is second to none.

Silhouette has revolutionised the world of eyewear with the world’s lightest glasses. Made with a high-tech titanium alloy used in the aerospace industry, these eyeglasses are incomparably light, highly flexible and virtually maintenance free. Silhouette is the first eyewear manufacturer to be endorsed by NASA for their space missions (Certified Space Technology™) and the frames have been worn by astronauts in space for 35 missions. Non-metal parts are made from SPX™ – a durable, ultra light, flexible and hypoallergenic material patented by Silhouette.

All glasses are manufactured in Linz, Austria, using the best technology available. During this process, each item of eyewear undergoes 40 days of manufacture, 80 hours of polishing (using natural materials like nutshell granules), and 15 quality checks to ensure complete perfection. Every day more than 6000 people around the world choose Silhouette glasses – and many say that once you’ve gone Silhouette, you’ll never go back.

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