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Serving Nerang for over 30 years!


Rosser Optometry has been part of Nerang and the Gold Coast Hinterland for over 30 years. Ian Rosser opened the practice in 1984 and it continues to provide friendly and high quality eyecare services to it’s patients. Originally called ‘Ian Rosser Optometrist’ the name has recently been shortened to ‘Rosser Optometry’. We love keeping the local population’s eyes healthy and their vision clear and aim to support local businesses and the community.

Nerang is a growing area and is a fantastic location. Geographically it is the ‘heart’ of the Gold Coast, with golden beaches to the east and the beautiful hinterland to the west. Our practice is located quite easily off the M1 (exit 71) on 6 New street, just across from the Nerang Mall. There are exciting times ahead for New Street itself as it is developing quickly, with new buildings and office spaces popping up! In fact, there is currently some building being done next door which we are always checking out to see the latest changes!

Nerang itself is rich in history and at one time was a major centre on the Gold Coast. In fact it was not until the 20th century that coastal land became more dominant on the Gold Coast. Here are a few facts about the region:

  • An Aboriginal clan named the Gombemberri (or Kombumerri) originally lived along the Nerang River.
  • The local Aborigines called the river Mogumbin or Been-goor-abee. Europeans named the river after the local dialect word neerang, which translates to either ‘little’ or ‘shovel nosed shark’!
  • Nerang was the original settlement before Southport with a courthouse, police station and a meeting place for local councillors. In fact, Southport used to be called “Nerang Heads”, and was first surveyed in 1874, which is 9 years after Nerang!
  • The first major industry here was timber cutting, then cotton and eventually sugar and maize grown along the river.
  • The Maid of Sker is a 130+ year old river steamboat, that can still been seen locally. It carried cargo, sailed between Brisbane and Nerang for 90 years, and is possibly the last of its kind!


Nerang has such a rich history, a great geographical location and beautiful scenery (check out the close by National Park!). Not to mention the friendly locals and close-knit community. Rosser Optometry is proud to continually provide premium, personalised eyecare to our region and community!

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