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Independent Optometry

independent optometryIndependent optometry is not just about selling you glasses. It is so much more than that. It is about eye health, caring, being able to see, identifying eye disease, assisting children to learn, improving quality of life through improved vision and about giving back to the community.

We are a locally owned, family friendly optometry practice situated in Nerang. We have been operating for 35 years so you can trust and rely on our service. As a private/independent practice we put our patients first. This means you can be guaranteed of personal service, thorough eye examinations (that are never rushed!) and quality eye products. Our committment to your eye health means we have the latest in optical and diagnostic equipment, meaning that your eyes are looked after properly. You also know that you are dealing with a local business that is proud to support the local community. 

We are a small team but we are a highly qualified and passionate team. Sophia, Ian and Annyck are therapeutically qualified to look after ocular health issues. A point to note is that a therapeutically qualified optometrist should be your first call for any eye related conditions such as infections, inflammation or foreign bodies. After all an optometrist spends 5 years’ worth of education focused solely on the eye.

Our optical dispensers have an intimate knowledge of optics and a keen understanding of how to proportunately fit a face. They understand and drill down into individual’s daily visual needs and requirements to provide suitable solutions. This just cannot be emulated by chain store shop assistants. Finding the perfect frame for your face takes skill and enough ‘care factor’ from the dispenser to ensure the best outcome. 

With our wealth of experience, skills, state-of-art-equipment and desire to ensure that patient’s receive the best care, we make lens and frame recommendations based on your clinical need and how you use them. Being an independent practice we are not contractually tied to any suppliers in the way that corporate optometrists are. This means we have the ability to give you more product options, with better customisation that will ensure that your glasses work best for you. 

At Rosser Optometry we belive in giving independent advice and providing a range of options to ensure that you leave happy. 

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