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Frames to suit your face shape

Finding frames to suit your face shape

frames to suit your face shape

For most people choosing pair of glasses that look great and suits their individual features is a priority. Facial shape will largely determine what style of frame will suit you. Here is a very quick guide on finding frames to suit your face shape.


Square faces are generally proportional in length and width with a strong jawline, and a broad forehead. Soft, curved outlines provide contrast for this face shape so ovals and rounded shapes will look great!


Oval shaped faces suit just about any style of frame! Oval faces usually have well balanced proportions and are characterised by a narrow forehead and a slightly narrower chin. They suit nearly any frame but try to avoid heavy, thick frames as they can sometimes overpower your facial features.


If you have a round shape then look to contrast this with wide, angular or rectangular frames. This will create definition to your features and make your face appear longer and narrower. Avoid round frames as these will overly accentuate your round features.


A heart shaped face is more common in females than males. This face tapers from high cheekbones down to a more slender chin. The aim is to create balance between the top and bottom half of your face. Bottom-heavy styles draw your attention downwards and thin, round frame styles soften your forehead.

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