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Optical Lenses Gold Coast

At a glance most optical lenses look the same but in reality they are highly technical products that offer many in-built benefits. Depending on your prescription and preferences, they will often require a greater investment than your frames. Understanding the key features and benefits that can be built into your lenses will help you to identify those which are most important to you.

Lens Type


Single vision are the most basic and commonly prescribed lens type. They have the same focal power over the whole lens, meaning they will allow you to see either up close or at a distance, but not both. You can have single vision lenses for:

  • Shortsightedness: if you have difficulties focusing on objects in the distance (i.e. driving or sightseeing)
  • Longsightedness: if you have trouble focusing on objects up close (i.e. reading)


Multifocal Lenses are used when more than one pair of glasses is required to correct vision or to save yourself from constantly taking your glasses on and off. Multifocal’s have a gradual change in prescription from the top of the lens, which is clear for distance, down to the lower part of the lens, which is clear for near. There are three types of multifocal lenses:

  • Progressive Lenses have two or three focal powers that gradually change throughout the lens. This allows you to achieve optimal vision up close, at arms length and at distance.
  • Extended Readers are designed to help you read both up-close and at arms lengths, such as computer screens. Great for the office as it eliminates the need to constantly remove glasses to focus on objects in the intermediate distance.
  • Bifocal Lenses have no gradual transition, but rather two seperate focal powers splitting the lens into two distinct parts. Nowadays bifocals have largely been replaced by progressive lenses.

Lens Index

Determines the thickness and weight of lenses. 1.50 index is the base option and the one usually found in low-cost package deals. As you increase the index lenses become thinner, lighter and more aesthetically pleasing. Higher indexes are especially useful for those with stronger prescriptions.

Lens design

A basic lens is typically spherical with steep curves that result in a thicker appearance. An aspheric lens ia a premium alternate, producing a flatter, thinner, more comfortable and appealing finish.

Lens Enhancements & Coatings

 Lens options will greatly enhance your vision, the safety and the look of your lenses.

  • Transition Lenses react to light and UV by changing the lens form clear to darker shades. This allows for a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors without needing to change from spectacles to sunglasses.
  • Anti-reflective Coatings enhance clarity of vision, comfort and the look of your lenses by minimising unwanted glare and reflection.
  • Scratch Resistant Coatings are applied to the front and back of your lenses for improved durability and greatly reduces the chance of your lenses being scratched.
  • UV Coatings maximise UV protection which is important for your eye health.

Come and talk to us and we will be able to explain and recommend the lenses that will best suit your visual needs and lifestyle.

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