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Contact Lenses

Almost everyone who wears glasses can experience the freedom and convenience of contact lenses. New lens technology has enhanced the comfort and fit of contact lenses meaning that uncomfortable contacts are a thing of the past.

Reasons to wear contacts:

– Convenience

– Improved peripheral vision

– No fogging up with rain or humidity

– Ability to wear sunglasses

– Better for playing sport and exercising

– Ability to go without glasses for specific occasions

There are many types of contacts available and below is quick guide. Your optometrist will advise on the best solution for your visual needs and lifestyle.


Soft Contact Lenses: Made of soft flexible plastics that contain water, allowing oxygen to pass through the lens to the eye. Soft contacts are more comfortable than rigid lenses.

Rigid Contact Lenses: Less comfortable due to the rigidity of the plastics, yet more durable than soft lenses. They are often a good solution for particular or complicated eye conditions.


Daily Disposable Contact Lenses (single day use):  Worn during the day and then discarded at night. Thin, flexible and comfortable. Allows you to interchange between glasses or contacts depending on your plans for the day.

Daily Wear Contact Lenses (fortnightly or monthly): Worn during the day and removed at night, for reuse the next day, and cleaned in a disinfecting solution. These contact lenses are replaced at fortnight or monthly intervals.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses: Provide a lot flexibility and convenience and can be worn up to 29 nights before being removed (depending on the advice of your optometrist). Great for a busy lifestyle and being able to see clearly at any time – even when you wake in the morning.


These may be recommended to patients with specific eye care needs:

  • Ortho-K – provides vision correction while you sleep
  • Multifocal contacts
  • Contact lenses for astigmatism


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