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Eyewear tips while travelling

It’s that wonderful time off the year where we take a break from work, pack our bags and head off on holiday. Don’t let poor vision ruin your holiday and stop you from seeing and doing the things that you travelled for! Here are a few eyewear tips while travelling.

eyewear tips while travelling

Plan ahead

If you need new spectacles or prescription sunglasses make sure that you allow a least two weeks for them to be made. Make sure your contact lenses and solution supply is up to date to avoid running out while on holiday.

Take a spare pair

These can be a lifesaver if your main pair of spectacles are lost, damaged or stolen while away. The spare pair may be your old spectacles or a new second pair with your most recent prescription.

Prescription sunglasses

These are especially relevant when holidaying a sunny location or while on the ski fields.

Contact lenses wear tips

If your are a contact lens wearer take both contacts and spectacles. If while on holiday you experience any eye irritation or infection then you may have to revert back to wearing your spectacles. Contact lenses can also be uncomfortable while flying as the cabin air can dry out your eyes.

If they’re not on your face, they’re in the case!

Make sure you protect your glasses while travelling and avoid damaging them.

Holidays should be relaxing and enjoyable and a bit of planning ahead can ensure that you have all scenarios covered. Talk to your optometrist to find out more eyewear tips while travelling.

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