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Have you ever thought about trying contact lenses?

Have you ever thought about trying contact lenses? Almost anyone who wears glasses can wear contact lenses. In fact, even those of you who wear multifocals have the option of multifocal contact lenses!

Contact lenses have come a long way – new technology means clear, comfortable vision that is more convenient than ever. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a full field of vision, without seeing the rim of your glasses? Or maybe you would like to know what it would be like to do away with glasses when you are out playing sport or at the gym? At Rosser Optometry it is our passion to enrich our patient’s lives with optimal vision – and utilising contact lenses is a fantastic way to add flexibility to take on new activities and update your image.

Trying contact lenses

There are such a wide range of contact lenses to suit many different lifestyles. Some of our patients wear contact lenses every day, others just for special occasions. Our optometrists are members of the CCLSA and have the ability to recommend and help you choose which is going to suit you best. We offer the best and latest technology in contact lenses, to not only give you better vision but ensure optimal eye health. Contact lenses can range from daily disposables (lenses that you throw out after using them, so you have a fresh new lens every time you decide to wear them!) to monthly disposables and even more long term wear.

Whether you are already a contact lens wearer, or are considering contact lenses for the first time, come and visit us at Rosser Optometry! We will ensure you obtain the correct type, fit, and prescription of contacts for your lifestyle and eyes.

Fun Facts: Contact lenses are only getting better and better, and the technology currently being tested in them is incredible!! Check out the following that are in early development stages:

  • Back in 2014 Google introduced a contact lens with small sensors and and microchips that can monitor glucose levels in the tear film! The hope is that one day this may be an easier way for diabetic patients to monitor their blood sugar levels.
  • Samsung is reportedly working on contact lenses that could provide an augmented view of the world around you. The contact lens would work with a phone to take photos and even overlay information into the real world
  • Sony is apparently trying to develop contact lenses where a ‘conscious blink’ would be recognised and take automatic photos of what you are looking at! Imagine going for a walk and being able to take photos wirelessly without your phone….all with just a blink!

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