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Back to school – has your child had an eye examination?

To the delight of many parents (and dismay of kids), children have just returned back to school. One thing that parents often overlook is having their child’s vision tested at the start of each year. One in five children have vision problems that can affect their academic performance and ability to learn and socialise. A thorough eye examination, by an optometrist that specialises in children’s vision, can help to diagnose and address any visual issues and help give your kid’s the start they need.

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Often you or your child will not even know that they have an eye problem until it is properly diagnosed. Early detection and treatment is so important as it can prevent further issues in the future and keep your child’s learning and development on course.

Sometimes there are no signs at all but some common signs that indicate that there may be an issue with your child’s vision include:

  • squinting
  • rubbing their eyes
  • headaches
  • sitting too close to the television
  • holding books or digital devices too close

Children’s eye examinations can identify nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism, all of which can effectively be treated with prescription glasses or contact lenses. The other condition that is commonly found is known as ‘lazy eye’ or amblyopia. Treatment for this can involve the use of an eye patch on the non-affected eye to encourage the ‘lazy eye’ to work harder and therefore improve.

Here at Rosser Optometry we are lucky enough to have Sophia Gerritsma as an Optometrist. She has a special interest in children’s vision having completed postgraduate study in this field, obtaining the Masters units in Behavioural Optometry at the University of NSW.

So make sure your child’s vision is ready to go back to school. Book your child an appointment with Sophia today on 07 5578-4611!

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