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Rosser Optometry has undergone a renovation!

We are very excited to announce that Rosser Optometry has undergone a renovation for a fresh, new look! Same people, same location and same great service. The practice was first established in 1984 by Ian Rosser and went by the name ‘Ian Rosser Optometrist’. It was relocated to it’s current location in 2001, and now in 2017 as New Street in Nerang changes with new buildings popping up either side of us, we have updated our look. We wanted the…
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What is amblyopia and how do I detect it?

What is amblyopia and how do I detect it? Amblyopia, also known as ‘lazy eye’, is a common cause of reduced vision in children. It begins during infancy and early childhood due to a disruption in the normal development of vision. Amblyopia affects around 3 per cent of children. Most cases can be treated successfully if detected and treated correctly at an early age. However if undetected or left untreated it can result in permanent vision loss. What is Amblyopia?…
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The effects of alcohol on your eyes

The effects of alcohol on your eyes We all know the immediate effects that drinking alcohol can have on our bodies. Vision is also affected and it becomes blurry and distorted. While this can have the positive effect of making the people around you seem more attractive (also known as ‘beer googles’) the short and long-term, physiological effects of alcohol can impact on your eyes.   Short-term effects Alcohol slows the communication between the brain’s neurotransmitters, which slows the information…
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What are cataracts?

What are cataracts? A commonly asked question that we get is 'What are cataracts?' Cataracts are a cloudiness that forms in the lens of the eye. This cloudiness interferes with light entering the eye resulting in poor vision. Think of it in the same way that the a dirty window affects how well you can see outside of it. The lens is located behind the iris and the pupil. It works in the same manner as a camera lens by…
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Glaucoma – the sneak thief of sight.

Glaucoma - the sneak thief of sight. Glaucoma is known as ‘the sneak thief of sight’. It is a disease in which the optic nerve head is slowly damaged by increased pressure in the eye. It is the leading cause of preventable blindness in Australia with one in eight Australians over the age of eighty developing glaucoma. The scary part of glaucoma is that it usually has few or no initial symtoms - living up to it’s ‘sneak thief of…
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Have you ever thought about trying contact lenses?

Have you ever thought about trying contact lenses? Almost anyone who wears glasses can wear contact lenses. In fact, even those of you who wear multifocals have the option of multifocal contact lenses! Contact lenses have come a long way – new technology means clear, comfortable vision that is more convenient than ever. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a full field of vision, without seeing the rim of your glasses? Or maybe you would…
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Back to school – has your child had an eye examination?

To the delight of many parents (and dismay of kids), children have just returned back to school. One thing that parents often overlook is having their child's vision tested at the start of each year. One in five children have vision problems that can affect their academic performance and ability to learn and socialise. A thorough eye examination, by an optometrist that specialises in children’s vision, can help to diagnose and address any visual issues and help give your kid’s the…
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Effects of technology on children’s eyes

These days technology rules but have you ever consider the effects of technology on children's eyes? We live in a world where using computers and digital devices is unavoidable and that is especially true for the younger generation of children and teenagers who use digital devices to learn, play and be entertained more so than any generation before. Throughout schools, and even some kindergartens, computers and ipads have been introduced as part of the curriculum. The main advantage of this…
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Eyewear tips while travelling

It’s that wonderful time off the year where we take a break from work, pack our bags and head off on holiday. Don’t let poor vision ruin your holiday and stop you from seeing and doing the things that you travelled for! Here are a few eyewear tips while travelling. Plan ahead If you need new spectacles or prescription sunglasses make sure that you allow a least two weeks for them to be made. Make sure your contact lenses and solution…
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End of year health fund optical benefits.

Your 2016 health fund rebates are about to expire. Don’t let your optical benefits go to waste! Let Rosser Optometry help you to maximise your 2016 optical benefits! It may be time for a new pair of glasses or specific purpose eyewear to complement your existing pair. More often than not just one pair of glasses won't do it all. Often speciality eyewear is necessary for certain situations or activities. Use your optical benefits to enhance your lifestyle to do and…
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